Conference papers

Southern Risk Society.

Roundtable discussion, Southern Historical Association, Memphis, accepted for November 2020.

Ethnography Now: New Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity.

Panel discussant, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, November 2018

Rethinking Resilience: New Orleans and the Paradox of Flood Control.

"The Fragile City" conference, Università Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy, June 2018

New Orleans is Sinking! A Round Table Discussion on Land Loss in Louisiana.

Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, panel chair, New Orleans, LA, April 2017

“What Is This New Orleans We Want To Save?” Defining Critical Infrastructure After Katrina.

Urban History Association Biennial Conference, Chicago, IL, October 2016

Oh the Humanities! Culture and Values in Coastal Restoration.

State of the Coast Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 2016


Methods and Technology for Bringing New Orleans Oral History to a Popular Audience: A Roundtable Discussion.
Louisiana Historical Association Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA, March 2016

Flood Control, Oil Rights, and America's Sinking Gulf Coast. 
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, "Disaster, Environment and Property: 
Historical Approaches, 19th-20th Centuries" Conference, Paris, France, December 2015

Listening as Resistance or Resistant to Listening?: Ethnography, Oral History, Grounded Theory in American Studies.
Roundtable discussion, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, October 2015

Home of Disaster: Katrina, BP, and the Gulf South, 5 and 10 Years Later: A Roundtable Discussion.
Louisiana Historical Association Annual Meeting, Lafayette, LA, March 2015

How to Sink New Orleans: Flood Control and Oil Development in South Louisiana, 1927-2005.
Urban History Association Biennial Conference, Philadelphia, PA, October 2014 

The Complete Story of the Galveston Horror.
"Trauma and History" Conference, Institute for Historical Studies, University of Texas-Austin, March 2014  

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?: Hurricane Katrina’s History. 
“Disasters Wet and Dry” Conference, Renmin University,  Beijing, China, May 2013 

HELP! Hurricane Betsy in New Orleans, 1965. 
Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting, Mobile, AL, November 2012

The Real Louisiana: Louisiana on Reality TV. 
American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, panel chair, New Orleans, LA, October 2012

The End of Empire, Louisiana. 
Louisiana Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Lafayette, LA, March 2011

Spirituals to Swing: Authenticity in American Roots Music. 
University of Louisiana-Lafayette, “Force of Desire in Text and Culture” Conference, Lafayette, LA, March 2009

Sharing the Story: Community As Curator. 
American Association of Museums Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, April 2006

Sharing the Story: The New Haven Oral History Project. 
American Association of State and Local Historical Societies Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2005

Imagining New Orleans in the Long Civil Rights Movement. 
Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Little Rock, AK, October 2006

I’m A Man: Muddy Waters and the Great Migration. 
“Hillbilly Sources & Symbols” Conference, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, April 2003

Invited lectures

Make What Right?: The Katrina Disaster, 1915-2015.

School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, October 2018

Katrina's History.

Department of History, Princeton University, April 2018

Empathy, Change, and Hope: Glenda Gilmore's Southern History. (invited panelist)

"A Celebration of Glenda Gilmore & Her Legacy" conference, Yale University, April 2018

Climate, Infrastructure, and Emergency Powers. (invited workshop participant)

Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University, April 2018

All Sciences Are Social. 

"Human Coast Workshop," Louisiana State University, January 2018

Flooded: Disaster and Dynamics of Living With Water in Louisiana. (invited panelist)

School of Social Sciences Annual Symposium, Dillard University, November 2016

History, Social Responsibility, and the Katrina Disaster Now.
Keynote address, College and University Faculty Assembly, 
National Council of Social Studies Annual Meeting, November 2015

Artificial Crevasse: Building and Bombing Levees in Louisiana, 1927-2005.
Department of Geography & Anthropology, Louisiana State University, November 2014

Hurricane Katrina and the Secret to a Happy Ending. 
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, Yale University, June 2012

Disaster and Recovery on the Gulf Coast. 
Association of Yale Alumni Assembly, Yale University, November 2011

The Katrina Context of the BP Oil Spill. 
Department of American Studies, Yale University, October 2010

Imagining New Orleans Five Years After Katrina. 
Center for the Study of Hazards and Disasters, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, September 2010

The History of Oral History. 
Department of Folklore Studies, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, July 2010

Imagining New Orleans in the Long Civil Rights Movement. 
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, Yale University, July 2009

Memory Matters: New Haven Monuments and Memorials. 
New Haven Museum, April 2009

Oral History After Katrina. 
Department of History, Princeton University, April 2007

Imagining New Orleans. 
Department of Anthropology, Yale University, November 2006

Is Oral History Different? 
Department of History, Harvard University, October 2006

Remembering the New Haven Holocaust Memorial. 
Slifka Center for Jewish Life, Yale University, April 2006

Asking About the Past. 
New Haven City Hall Lecture Series, January 2006

Using Oral History To Enhance Undergraduate Education. 
Teagle Foundation Conference, Yale University Library, September 2005

Food For Thought: Family Run Restaurants in New Haven. 
International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, June 2005