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Actual Air and American Water is a series of public conversations, during the 2019-2020 school year, focused on narrating the environment across the disciplines.


The series, sponsored by Tulane's School of Liberal Arts Program in Environmental Studies, is named in tribute to the poet David Berman, who was to have been the first speaker. Convened by Andy Horowitz and Thomas Beller, Associate Professor of English.



Rhiana Gunn-Wright in conversation with Jennifer Parker

Monday, November 4, 6pm, Stone Auditorium

A conversation about the Green New Deal.

Gunn-Wright is a fellow and former Policy Director for New Consensus, where she serves as a "policy architect" for the Green New Deal. Parker is an editor for the New York Times Opinion section.



Sarah Broom in conversation with Vann Newkirk

Tuesday, February 4, 6pm, Freeman Auditorium

A conversation about Katrina, New Orleans, race, the environment, family, history—and ways of thinking and writing about the urgent questions these topics pose. 

Broom is the National Book Award-winning author of The Yellow House. Newkirk is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

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